Thursday, July 10, 2008

Guest Blogger: EMMA KEATLEY

Welcome to a fabulous poet from the UK - I am thrilled to have Emma with us....

Firstly a huge Thank You to Denyse for allowing me to blog here today.

A wee bit about me, I am from a big ole Irish family and that's probably why I love the sound of laughter! I love to read and am always making up stories, maybe one day i will actually try and write my own short Love Story, with a twist of course! I enjoying cooking ( but I'm not real good at it!), I love a good mystery, one of my fave films of all time is Ten Little Indians made back in the 40's. Going to the Theatre is another big thing for me, and as i live in London, I am lucky enough to be able to indulge myself. I also make sure I go to our local Theatre, sometimes we see plays here first before they go into the West End. I absolutely love old B&W comedy films of Laurel & hardy and my all time fave The Marx Brothers. I like to have friends over and I like to entertain, but I am just as happy reading one of my many thousands of books, with some sexy jazz playing in the background. Music is an absolute must for me and I always have a radio or c.d playing.

As i have gotten older I now enjoy listening to classical music, but jazz and soul will always come first with me. Way back when i was lucky enough to see Marvin Gaye, that man sure new how to sing. So now I'm writing poetry and I can not tell you how surprised and dumbfounded I am that I have actually been published!

This time last year I "met" an author by the name of Kate Hofman on a chat day and she asked me if i was writer, I very cheekily wrote back saying I was a poet. Kate asked me to send her some of my poetry, which I did. Long story short, she liked them and sent them on to her publisher Rose. Kate asked me if I would do some poetry for her book, where her lead character was a poet, so i did and that's how I first got published.

So you never can tell what's right around the corner can you?

Poetry is something I really enjoy writing and I think I have really only just started to explore what it is i can do.

Seasons and Colours of Love 24th June 2008

And to tempt you.... a couple of selections from Emma....

A Garden for Every Season
by Emma May 2008

If you are free today come and join me and lets walk thru my garden

Do you have any flowers, shrubs or trees in your garden
Do they have fabulous names
Are the colourful
Do they bloom
And have they any scent at all
If i can help you choose to plant some
Here are a few of my suggestions

I'd like to start with Buddleia ( Butterfly Bush)
Comes in several varieties
Some wonderful colours like purple & white
Has fragrant flowers too
Then i think Callicarpa ( Beauty Berry)
An Autumn visitor
Leaves of red or violet
The berries stay on the bush until Christmas
Oh lets go wild and add some
Viburnum and Witch -Hazel
These have such heady aromas
Are you starting to get the idea now?

Flowers are such personal things
But i have many favourites
Here are a few
For the Spring
The Daffodil i really have to mention these as they are my Mother's favourite flower, with long stems and colours of
Yellow , white and double flowering ones
The Ajuga with dark purple flowers
The Anemone with dark pink flowers
The Aquilegia with red and creamy coloured petals
The Camassia with purple star shaped flowers
Already so much colour and that's only the season of spring

Lets go for summer
The Fuchsia whether trailing for a hanging basket
or a mighty bush in your garden
Pink and purple in colour
A real delight to the eye
The Gazania a bit like a giant daisy
Yellow and sometimes with orange streaks
The Gypsophila a really delicate looking plant
Long stems and tiny wee flowers
A pale pink or white in colour
The Lavatera with pink trumpet shaped like flowers
The Nerine always reminds me of a spider with pink curling petals
The Salpiglossis with such a long name you won't be surprised when i tell you she has the most gloriously large red petals interspersed with orange, a big showy flower

Autumn is next to follow
The Salvia a blaze of red almost the colour of flames
The Schizostylis with such a wonderful name her colours range from red to orange and lets not forget pink as well
The Amaranthus - now there's a name to be proud of
Various types of these have dangling flowers and others are upright and graceful
A pinky red in colour
The Aster now these to me and daisies but with great colours
Pinks and purples and reds, blues and whites
With little yellow centres
The Dahlia with big showy flowers
Spectacular colours
Orange, yellow, red, white, pink

The Viola with colours a plenty
They always make me smile
If you look at these from a distance some of these look like butterflies
The Bergenia with long red stalks and amazing tiny bell shaped flowers
Pink, red, white in colour
The Crocus not just a Spring bloomer
With tiny delicate flowers
Dark purples, and a hint of white
The Galanthus ( The Snowdrop)
Bell shaped blooms and so gorgeous
White in colour and pleasing to the eye
The Helleborous
I think they look like the shape of a bowl
White and very pale pink

While walking thru your garden do you see any Butterflies or Bees
Are the birds nesting in the trees
Are squirrels living in the hollows of the trees
Are there lots of worms
Are spiders spinning their webs
Do you have foxes, badgers or hedgehogs
Is there dew upon the dawn
Does the sun shine brightly in the morning
Is there a gentle rolling mist in the evening
Does the moon and the stars light up the night sky

Your garden is a thing of beauty
Nature at her best

"Pink- The Colour of Passion"
A Colour for All Seasons
By Emma May 2008

The darker the colour
The better i like it
Pink is no longer a girlie colour
It's sexy
Pleasure unrivalled

When i think of the colour pink i smile
A slow secret smile
My eyes light up
Memories of pure bliss explode upon consciousness
Hot images assail me
My pulse speeds up
My heartbeat increases rapidly
Butterflies invade my belly
A swirl of longing so intense abounds

The colour pink is like chocolate
One bit is never enough
The more you eat
the more you want
Well i don't intend to limit my myself
But i build up the longing
Oh so slowly
I lie upon my dark pink satin sheets
And let the tension mount

Once I let myself go
I embrace each and everything I touch
& smell
My senses are alive
So acute to each and every feeling
So totally beautiful
So exquisite
So mindbogglingly unique
So very pink

I love dark pink flowers
Their scent
Their pleasing appearance

I love pink clothing
A little sexy
A little naughty
A scrap of lace
A hint of silk
The feel of satin

Well what can i say, except pink really does it for me..................

Visit Emma's page to see ALL of her wonderful titles! CLICK HERE


Emma has very generously offered the gift of a copy of her wonderful book to one of the commenters today, so do leave her a message or a question, okay? You're entered for her draw automatically then.


  1. Hello and thank you Destiny for letting me loose,
    ( i will be back tomorrow to answer any questions and coments left today!)
    I wanted to "pop in" and leave a couple of comments,
    so here goes.
    Colours, what do you you think when you see the colour BLACK?,
    as for me i think of heighten much more pleasure, the slightest touch is magical, the taste of things much more sharper and so on.........!
    The seasons are magical in their own way too, i love Winter, to many it's a lonely colourless time, but not to me.
    Seasons and Colours is what i have written about in my newest book of poetry.
    Tomorrow i will pick a random winner and they will receive a copy.
    Until later,

  2. Suer poetry and congratulations on all your poetry books being published. I have poetry published--since I was 17--though not in years and yet this year I have two in Phaze's poetry anthology and have two dark, scary ones coming in Twisted Twins Daily Chills Calendar that comes out in December in bookstores. But I have always loved poetry--there's something of the soul of the poet in each and every poem written and your's shines through like a brilliant light. :D
    Sapphire (also know as Pamela)

  3. Hi Emma! I love your poems! But then I knew I would...we have the same tastes in men too!!! LOL Good luck with more books, tons of sales and your future!!!!

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful poetry books. Your beautiful poems are evident from the one on this post. I enjoyed it greatly. When I was young many years ago, my mother gave me a lovely poetry book which I cherished. I memorized many of the poems and this special book was memorable and treasured. Thanks for this peek at your unique work.

  5. Beautiful Emma!

    And what a very cool 'published' story!

    The color black. Hmm I think of my kitchen floor (and my mood) after the dogs escape and romp in the swamp behind my house.

    Yeah, see why I leave poetry to others? =)

  6. What wonderful story, Emma! Isn't it funny how fate knows the exact time to step in?

    I loved the poems you posted. Truly beautiful!

  7. Emma, What an inspiring post today. You definitely are talented and I felt uplifted by your poems. thanks for this lovely introduction to your work. Wishing you success and happiness.

  8. Emma - I am so happy for you about your poetry success. You really have a lovely gift!

    I can't believe it's been over a year since we got to meet in person in London. What a fun day!

    Seems like only yesterday...

    Wishing you all the best.

    Janice Maynard

  9. I'm a huge fan of Emma and her poetry. In fact, I'm one of the lucky few who was able to meet her in person and can tell you she is exactly as she sounds :-)

    Hiya darlin'...looking forward to the next collection coming out!



  10. Your story was delightful to read. Amazing how your future can be determined by chance. Your poems are special and I felt the colors and emotions. Best of luck and enjoy this celebration.

  11. Hi Emma!

    I love those two poems! I'm a gardener, so I can agree with all of those things! There is a plant for every season and sometimes just seeing that plant in a picture brings back memories.

    I am from Washington State. Everything here is green, all the time. There is a scent that is 'green' for me though. We live around marshlands. The Skunkcabbages' broad leaves are waist high, brushy horse tails are guarding little creek beds babbling through the little ravines, made by centurion like trees. Wild raspberries are bursting with ripeness on a warm day. But the cool, pungent tang of damp earth is the scent of 'green' for me. It is also that damp in the evening, after a warm day, by the compost pile.

    Black is a very sensuous color for me. I think it heightens the awareness of your world around you. How you choose to spend it is up to you. hehe In my world, if you turn off the lights and go outside. It is pitch black. But look up and you can see the vast universe in a way you cannot see it in town. You can actually see the colors surrounding the constellations, like in the pictures. You can hear the coyotes singing in the field beyond and see their eye-shine, sometimes.
    That is my world, and I see in Color as you do. : )

    Great post Emma!! Wonderful to see you have your poems published for all to enjoy.


  12. Your poems have such a lovely and colorful message. They have given me happiness just to read them. During the summer when I am not teaching I try to find time to create, art. Your poetry is a delight.

  13. Your poems have brightened my day. Congratulations on your accomplishments, publishing your poems is something to be proud of. They are exceptional.

  14. Beautiful poems Emma. The story is so meaningful and gives us all hope. Enjoyed learning about your success and much more.

  15. Beautiful story and lovely poems. Good luck in your future.

  16. Emma, your poetry is superb! I particularly enjoyed A LOVER'S COCKTAIL.

    : )

    Catherine Chernow

  17. I absolutely love your poems. It must feel amazing to be able to see them published.

  18. Hey, Emma!! Things are going wonderful here - and I'm thrilled that you're with me today as my guest. We'll have to do this again when your next collection is out, ok???


  19. Hi Emma. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. As I always say, I can enjoy more what I am reading when I know a little bit about the person behind it. I absolutely love your "Pink" poem. It is really awesome. A Garden for Every Season is amazing too...really pulled me in and I was able to visualize it all!

  20. Emma,
    The blog, the poetry, there is no end to your talents. You really should write a love story either as a novel or long poem. You are a very talented writer.

    This blog brings out aspects of your personality of which I was unaware.

    I really enjoy all sorts of plants in their natural state. In Puerto Rico visiting the rain forest I saw elephant ears as large as the ears of a real elephant, some even larger. I spent nine hours to make a four hour trip from the part of Washington where Colleen lives with all it's verdancy to the Columbia Basin in the part of Washington where I grew up with sagebrush, dry grass and the only trees not near a body of water being planted by farmers or homeowners.


  21. the poetry is so wonderful, you are such a great writer....great story...

  22. Emma girl,
    You are definitely a poet - and all the other marvelous stuff is a tribute to you - Jazz - soul music - your poetry has it all. Thank you for giving us a sneak peek.
    Many Sales to you girl!

  23. Hi Emma! Hi Denysé! I'm so glad to *see* both of you blogging today. Beautiful poetry, as usual, Emma. Thank you for inviting me.

    Denysé, super blog! I'll be back soon.

    Hugs, Destiny Blaine

  24. Oh Wow,
    i am really overwhemled by all your comments and so many of you can to say "hello".
    I am really touched..........
    Thanks everyone!

    a little chocked up just now!

  25. Hello Sapphire,
    coming from a published poet such as your self, i am deeply grateful for your postive comments.
    It's a little scary showing your work to other, will they like it, will they hate it, will they give back some constructive critism, helpful hints and the like.......phew!.
    Yours have blown me away...........
    Thank you........xxxxxxx

  26. Hello Sue,
    how are you doing?
    I don't think i will ever get rich from any sales i make, but one day i would like to see my poems in paperback.....and that would be blooming marvellous!

    I love sending piccies out of men and i know lots of you get a kick out of them and they make your day start with a smile or a naughty thought or two!

  27. Hello Traveler,
    if i tell you i have never actually owned a book of poetry would that surprise you?

    I got out an odd book or two from local librairies over the years,it wasn't until the last 3 years that i actually wrote any poems or odes at all.
    One of the first odes i wrote was entitled "An Ode to Mr Bubbles" and i put this on CJ Englands' loop, it was she and a lady by the name of Pat that encouraged me to keeping writing more of the ode, so each day i did a little more, and the writing bug was born.

  28. Hi Lainey,
    i think i am lucky with writing poetry, it's a section of writing that hasn't always had mass appeal.

    I never in a million years thought i would actually get any poems published.

    I like the flow of words, to me it's like painting a picture.


  29. Hi Karen,

    Fate is a funny thing and it certainly keeps you on your toes!

    Thanks for your lovely comments.


  30. Emma!! Great day, wasn't it???? You should check my other blog, too, for romantic poetry with an Italian flare....

    Amore Senza Confini:

    Thanks so much - again - for being my guest!! I've loved it and we really HAVE to do it again for your next books, okay???

    BIG hugs,

  31. Hi Pearl,

    i love the way poetry is a mix of so many things, happy, sad, funny, sexy, sensual, dark, light and just about every emotion in between.
    That you felt "up-lifted" is a wonderful compliment to me.
    Thank You

  32. Hello Janice,
    i know a gone by so quickly, where on earth does the time go?
    I met Janice in front of Buckingham Palace last year and saw for the first time the "Changing of the Guard".

    Thanks for your very kind comments.


  33. Hiya Tilly,
    and it's almost i year since i met you in London as well..................!
    Thanks for coming and Thank You for a great review for my 2nd book of poetry.
    Everyone who read it loved
    " A Lovers Cocktail", who knew a little ice, so cold water, a glass, fresh fruit, and not forgetting your lover, would be so hot, naughty, sexy.......

    I am told they like the "recipes" and on a hot day they are perfect for the raising of the temperature not the lowering of it!!!!!!!! hehehe


  34. Hello Ellie and thanks for coming and making this a very special blog...........

    I think that colours are emotions just waiting to be explored and for each and every colour the experience will be so totally different for everyone and that is something i relish!


  35. Wow Colleen,
    living in marsh lands must be beyond believing.
    I can almost smell the moss from the trees.
    It would make a great setting for a story, a chiller i think with a real twist in the end.
    Dark and spooky........

    I love it already!

  36. Ruth do you paint or play music, write or sculpt?
    I really wish i could paint, draw, i can't draw a straight line with a ruler!
    I worked in a kindergarten for 8 years and it was great to see the children bloom and blossom, so many of them did not speak English as a 1st language and i spent hours and hours reading stories to them and they would have a speaking and acting parts, in the 3 bears, the 3 pigs and the like.
    It was very funny when their parents would ask me 'what is i will huff and puff and blow your house down"?
    I would ask them to come back at story time and watch the children perform, my biggest regret about that is i never taped or top pictures of the children doing this.............but the memories are great!


  37. Hi Diane,
    i am as pleased as punch to be a published poet.
    It gives me a big kick to see my name on the cover of the books i can tell you.
    I still can't quite believe it's happening!


  38. Well Petite,
    if can happen for me it really can and will happen for anyone.

    I just hope that i can keep this going and get better as i go along.


  39. Hello Breia b.

    I hope i can live up to my own expections and i really, really hope this book does well.

    Thank you for taking the time and stopping by.


  40. Hiya Catherine,
    tell me young lady which of the "drinks" did you try and more importantly did you have a good time...........oh dear thats very naughty!


  41. Rebakah,
    thanks for coming over and i think i can safely say my feet still haven't touched the ground since being published!.

    And to have 3 books published is awesome!


  42. Hi Drea,
    it's really weird writing things about myself, i keep thinking god I'm so boring, will i bore the bloody pants of the person reading it, worse still is trying to find something interesting or funny without sounding like a pillock!

    When i am writing i too visualise what I'm writing about.
    I can literally see, hear, touch, taste and smell everything..........not sure if others can, but funnily enough if i can't "feel" it, then my poem is working, so i start again!


  43. Welcome Sarita,
    glad you liked the poems.
    Thanks for for comments


  44. Hello Ray,
    now if ever there was someone who should take "pen to Pen" and write about all your travels it has to be you.
    You have seen so much and travelled to far and wide flung places throughout the world.
    You young man have a great way with words, and i for one would love to read about your exploits the weird and wonderful things you have seen, heard, tasted and so on.

    Ray has been a great supporter of mine in the last couple of years.
    I also wrote an ode in his honour and it's a tribute to and for him.


  45. Hello Savannah,
    i'm so pleased you like the poetry.

    There are quite a lot of very well known Authors here today and i can not begin to tell you how much your encouragement means to me.

    It is a good thing to know poetry is alive and well in the 21st century.


  46. Hey Billie/ Cricket,
    i love having music playing most of the time.
    I think of it as poetry in notes................hehehe

    I hope to write some poems with musical overtones.


  47. Well hello Destiny,
    thanks for coming, i am so pleased with the amopunt of people who came and left a comment.
    I know it sounds silly but i was really scared incase nobody came, so this is wonderful!


  48. Denyse,
    this has been such a great experience and it's largely due to you so what can i say but

    who can not wait do do this all over again!

  49. Well i can tell you it was difficult to pick a winner here today random or otherwise.

    so without further ado the winner is............


    please contact me at

    so i can send you a copy of

    Seasons and Colours of Love

    Many, many thanks to all of you for making me a very happy ole chickie from ole London town.


  50. Emma,
    Great poems! I know Kate, she's a doll and how exciting for you to get your poems out there for us to enjoy.

    Best for you always in your writing!

  51. Emma,
    Great poems! I know Kate, she's a doll and how exciting for you to get your poems out there for us to enjoy.

    Best for you always in your writing!

  52. Congrats on your poem book. They are really great. Where do you get your inspiration? Does it just come to you or when things in your life happen, the bad or the good?


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