Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another new contract, and a new publisher, too!

Well, it's been a busy week already and it's only Tuesday!! Got word last night that a short story I submitted quite awhile back has been contracted by an ePublisher I haven't worked with before. So, the contract is signed, and things are in the works for me to add my name to the roster at New Concepts Publishing. The story is another of those Action/Thriller type things I seem to be doing so much of these days, but this one is heavily laced with a Martial Arts them, and it's called Silent Death. I'm starting to get overwhelmed, but in a good way, of course!!

Anyhow, will keep everyone up to date as I get closer to knowing when this one will be available. I have to get a page done for my website, but may wait until there's an actual cover to go with the excerpt and blurb. Depends on how busy I get later today. We'll see...

Oh, stay tuned for the arrival of the third Rebel Knight installment, too. I'm just finishing that up, too. Chapter Three is called "Spirit's Edge" and deals a little with cult mentality in a small town, and our hero ends up right in the middle of it all!!

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