Monday, August 07, 2006

Countdown to *NEW* releases and a couple of new "must reads" to suugest to you

Well, in a couple of weeks now I make my debut with Liquid Silver Books, with my first full-length erotic romance novel. I’m very excited about my comeback, even though I’ve only been away about five months — it feels like forever, honestly! So, I hope you’ll all enjoy the novel, SIMPLY THE BEST, and please DO let me, and the folks at LSB know what you think of the book, all right? Because of a personal loss with a staff member, the book is going to be delayed a week, but it WILL be out on August 21st, so that's the date to check in!! (And buy the book, too, I hope?? )

For me, the next one is really the one that’s closer to my heart. Set in Victorian London, OUT OF HELL is the first of what I hope will be many books featuring Inspector Michael Devane. The first novella of the series is due early in September, and I hope you’ll take the time to meet the good Inspector, I think you’ll like him if you enjoy Historical romance fiction with a touch of mystery and eroticism.

The “must reads” now — If you like the 1800s England era, and vampires, or both, you really should read After Midnight from Teresa Medeiros. I’ve just finished it, and I loved it! I don’t even like vampires much, but that aspect was the framework for an engaging, passionate love story, not the focus of it, and Ms. Medeiros did a fabulous job with the story. It was rich in detail and read like poetry. I highly recommend it.

And, of course, I also recommend ANY book by my wonderful friend Lucy Monroe. As I’ve said to Lucy, the one thing that makes all her books so special is the way they make you feel when you put them down — happy inside, and that warm fuzzy stays with you long after the book is finished, so they’re all a joy to read. If you haven’t had the good fortune to read Lucy’s romances, it would really be worth your time to locate them and indulge in her brand of magic and romance. It will make you feel great inside, believe me!!!

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  1. Hi Denyse! Can't wait for Out Of Hell! I love historical mysteries series bot I"m so looking forward to this one! Where will this be released at? Congrats too on your release at LSB!!
    I have Ms. Medeiros's new book so I shall read that one soon. I held it off a bit due to my own heath and the emotional connection too with the book, but I think i'd be ready to read it now. I love vamp romance books. Agree too on Lucy Monroe's books! Just got done with her historicals that are fab as well as the contemps! Seems we like alot of the same reads! I just finished up SUDDENLY YOU by Lisa Kleypas and started PASSION by Lisa Valdez. It was highly recommended so I decided to pull this one out! I treasure the print I bought of yours, A World In Darkness. Will your historicals and other books go to an anthology soon too? I'm looking forward to all thats coming out of yours!


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