Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The new Victorian mystery cover...

Just got a look at the new cover for the first Devane Files book. It’s gorgeous!! I hope when this one comes out that people like Inspector Michael Devane, because I am really looking forward to writing more stories for him. At the moment, I’ve done final edits on the first Liquid Silver Books release, so it should be available soon. Will keep everyone posted, as always. Simply The Best is a contemporary action/adventure, with a mercenary hero. I seem to be jumping all over the place at the moment!

My contract with EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy has been signed and delivered, so I’m now “officially” on the roster. This book is one that is really special, a lot of work went into it, and several years worth of waiting, too. If you like Greek Mythology, or were a fan of Hercules and/or Xena, you just might love this book!! I have a tentative date for next Spring, and I can’t wait.

Not much else at the moment, but then the week is still young, right? More later, no doubt…

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the new Nick Red Cloud adventure. I’m working on Chapter Three: Spirit’s Edge, as we speak!!


  1. Hi Denyse,
    I think the cover for OUT OF HELL is fantastic! I can't wait to read the book. Is it one we can choose for your monthly contest? When will it be out in print? Thanks.

  2. Hi, Mel!
    This book is in editing now, and it is scheduled for the first half of September. I hope it's a success, because it's meant to be the first in what will be at least a four-part series, that might end up being published as a trade paperback. If enough people are interested, of course. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support, Mel.


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