Sunday, June 04, 2006

*NEW* Rebel Knight and other odds & ends

REBEL KNIGHT: Okay, a couple of weeks late, but it’s finally finished, and will be posted within the week, at least that’s what I expect at this point. Thanks to everyone who’s been sending comments and waiting patiently for the next installment. In future there will not be this kind of delay between chapters. I’ve got the next six plotted out already, and now that my publisher problems have been sorted out, things are moving along nicely again! The first reviews for REBEL HEART have come in, and it looks like Nick Red Cloud is a pretty special guy. I knew that!! Seriously, the reviews have been especially appreciated this time, given the nature of Nick’s past tale, and I am very grateful for the thoughtful and kind words of the reviewers. So, thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read about Nick’s past, and I hope you’ll stay with us as his adventures continue…

In other areas, I’ve got a tentative release date for my first non-erotic novel, the Greek Mythological fantasy, AS FATE DECREES. It should hit bookstores in March/April 2007. And, I am hard at work on my next fantasy novel, too. This one is called BETWEEN TWO WORLDS and involves some pretty exciting elements! Will keep ya posted, as always.

And, two new non-erotica romance titles are in the works. All the news is posted to my website now, and there’s been some change on the site, too. Non-erotic titles are now on the MORE BOOKS page. Also, if you have a minute, check out the new PR PAGE, where I’ll be doing a month-long promo for Lucy Monroe, who’s work is very, very special. Like Lucy herself, I might add.

My first-ever interview is now officially scheduled for September, with Romance Junkies. And, my first Liquid Silver novel should be available in a couple of months — and it IS a hot one, so be warned!! All in all, lots is happening just now! I’ll be posting dates as I have them, and I hope you’ll continue to drop by the website to pick up occasional freebies and just say “Hi!”

Before I go, I’ve just posted a promo/blurb for a terrific vampire novel by my friend Barbara Custer, so take a minute to look at that before you leave, okay?? It’s right after this…


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