Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday: The Dance #SPeekSunday #RomFantasy

This is the introduction to a sexy new short story called simply:
The Dance

“You look happy tonight, Kate,” Luc said, his voice low.

She turned and accepted the glass of sparkling wine he passed to her. She took a sip and smiled, he’d chosen her favourite Italian Prosecco. “It’s good to be home,” she said. “Max has made an amazing success here, hasn’t he?”

Luc leaned on the wide wooden ledge of the patio and looked over the crowd. Every table was occupied, and the patrons were of mixed age and occupation.

“We made a good investment,” he remarked. He laughed and she tilted her head to one side, asking without words. “It’s always nice to be able to get the best table in the hottest restaurant in town.” Luc winked at her and she shook her head, smiling.

“I like the new addition,” she said, her gaze moving over the spacious wooden deck. Tables were arranged so that every couple was afforded a measure of privacy, but no one was obstructed from the polished dance floor in the middle. Hidden speakers gave the impression the music was floating from below and above the patio, the volume soft and unobtrusive.

“We should be heading home soon,” Luc said. He straightened and looked out at the lake. Fog demons drifted over the surface, the light breeze creating the illusion that they swayed and danced on the rippling water.

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