Monday, December 16, 2013

Coming Soon from Kinsey Knight @KaydenMcLeod #RomFantasy

Elemental Earth
Kinsey Knight
Coming Soon!
YA Fantasy


My name is Trinity Liathain, typical human teenager to many. But reality is I’m a young fae, split between two very different worlds. Just as I find a guy who I can be myself with, my little corner of Blue Cove erupts in drama I’m not prepared for. The gauntlet to a war that shouldn’t be mine is at my door, bringing creatures that terrify and mesmerize me. I’m visited by ancient forces who for some reason, think I’m the answer to another dimension’s problems. They grant me tremendous power to protect myself. From what, you ask? If my short journey through life has taught me anything, it’s that the people closest to you, make the worst enemies.


A feather-soft sensation grazed my hand. A long deep breath didn’t fortify me when I craned my neck. I tore my hand away.

A tarantula the size of a football crawled over my book, clear liquid dripping from its oversized fangs. Where the venom touched, chunks of my book disintegrated.

The chair careened behind me, as I jumped to my feet. Adrian’s growl shook the windows, the only warning of my stupid mistake. He reached for me too late. Mr. Conevetti’s stick arm shot around my waist, and dragged me over the desk.

“You can’t ssstop me.” His mechanical screech resonated through my eardrums. “He wantsss her.”

I choked back a scream as he gave up his glamour, revealing a horrific face caught between an alien and an ant. I flailed, punching him in the neck, shoulder—anything my fist blindly reached. His rock hard exoskeleton prevented his injury. Cuts broke out over my knuckles.

“Put her down,” Adrian snapped, every pound the Goblin royal.

“Trinity…” My name coming from those pincers serving for a mouth was the single most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. He hissed at Adrian, who circled us.

I was not, nor ever would I be a damsel in distress, waiting for her prince to save her. Not in this life time, or the next. I sought any kink in his armor. I elbowed the bug man in the face, gritting my teeth as his pincers sliced into my flesh.

He released me with a surprised squeal. I landed wrong on my feet. My knees ached, but I ran. My momentum propelled me toward the terminals. I jumped, my foot landing on the chair. I was airborne, flying over the grotesque spider and the computers, thrashing awkwardly on my descent. The back of my head slammed against the opposite terminal, changing my trajectory. I hit the floor, twisting my ankle. The shock of pain on top of everything else forced a gasp from me.

The spider dropped, scuttling across the floor.

“You all right?” Adrian yelled. Under the row of desks, only legs were visible—a pair of jean clad ending in thick biker boots, and two sticks in loafers.

“I’m good!” I lied through my teeth.

The spider scurried closer. I ripped a keyboard out of its USB port, wielding it as a weapon. The thing paused.

“Come on. I don’t have all day.”

It jerked, as if it understood. It crept around me, I suppose seeking a weak spot. It lunged, and I swung. I hit the rounded, furry body across the room like a baseball. It hit the window with a sickening thump, and didn’t move again. The acidic poison from it fangs ate through the glass in watery line. The rancid smell intensified.

I peeked over the walls of the desk. Adrian darted and weaved, the skill of a fighter shocking me. Sure, every now and then a guy might scrap, but this was taking it to another level. Mr. Conevetti wasn’t fast enough for him.

They danced around each other in a primal, masculine array. Adrian bared his teeth. “Trinity, for the love of the Goddess, run!”

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