Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Another year is closing quickly, and it’s been an amazing one with a lot of successes. I hope it’s been good for all of you, as well. I’ll keep this brief, and will include my newsletter link for anyone who wishes to keep up with that monthly mailing.

The Predators and Editors voting is now open - if you have a moment, I'd really appreciate your vote here. I made it to 4th place last year, let's see if I can improve on that this year. Many, many thanks everyone!!

My latest vampire tale, a wickedly sexy short novella, is slowly making it’s way up the best-seller list with New Dawning Book Fair–this is my fourth title with them, and my fourth best-seller with them! I’m very excited. If you haven’t checked it out–you can get it here:

(Vampire, erotic, ménage, Dom/s)

In modern Toronto, two vampires stalk the night, their hunting a game that is seductive and deadly. In a darkly compelling Goth Club, they find the prey they seek for their pleasures, and the night runs crimson with blood and unquenchable thirsts....

Also, for those who haven’t noticed just yet, Ellora’s Cave has a new website–a beautiful and very functional site. My new link there is HERE

2013 is already promising to be an amazing year, and I have several new novels planned and in the works, including my first venture into YA fiction. Will be releasing more information as things are contracted and in place.

Happy New Year to everyone. Make it a good one! 

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