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12 Days of Christmas SALE and an Interview With A Vampire!

Interview With A Vampire

First, I’d like to thank my friend April, as well as the ladies at my Facebook group and Talking Two Lips for the suggested questions for Demetri deVerieux from HUNTERS’ GAME:

The interview:

What do you and Cliantha look for in a person when you’re looking for a toy for the evening? Do you go for looks or lack of intelligence to make it easier for you to trap your prey and make them compliant?

Demetri: What do we look for? You mean apart from a warm vein? *raising an eyebrow to emphasize the sarcasm* What I look for, and let’s be clear on this, I select the prey, Clia is the bait. Intelligence makes the game more interesting and more satisfying. Anyone can lure a drunk or some poor bastard who’d jump at the chance to breathe in the same air Cliantha inhabits, to entice an intelligent human into coming to us willing is always a victory. Since we’re looking to indulge in an array of passions and hungers, appealing prey is preferred. Compliancy isn’t an issue, willing or not, I control this game and all the players in it.

Who turned you? How old are you? How did you hook up with Cliantha? Are you into the BDSM lifestyle or is it just with Cliantha that your inner caveman comes out?

Demetri: I was turned by Stavros almost 500 years ago. Cliantha is the reincarnation of the only woman Stavros ever loved. Several hundred years ago, I let her be killed to save my own ass, he was more than a little annoyed about it and we parted company for a couple of centuries. Clia is mine now. After I put Stavros in his crypt for the final time, she was broken. I offered her shelter. She’s entertaining, so I keep her.

Inner caveman? If you call a male who takes what he wants and makes it his, then perhaps I am. She knows better than to fight with me, she loses. And then I have to make her aware of who is the master and who is the slave in this relationship. *smiling* BDSM is not a lifestyle to males of my breed. We are masters, and you are our slaves.

What are you going to do about the glimpse of betrayal you’ve seen in Clia?

Demetri: *laughing* Clia is never going to betray me, she knows how painful my vengeance will be if she dares to attempt it. *shrugs* If she feels the need to test my patience, I’m certain it will be memorable for us both.

How did you and Cliantha meet? Are you satisfied with your existence as a vampire? Is there anything you wish were different? What's on your "bucket list"?

Demetri: Clia was devoted to Stavros when I met her, it was simply my wish that she belong to me not him. It took several hundred years, but I get what I want.

*eyes the interviewer and laughs* Satisfied with my existence? I can’t die, I have no laws to obey, can do anything and no one can stop me. What’s not to love? I have no bucket list, because what I want, I take. What I want to do, I simply do.

What is the relationship between you and Stravos? How did it come about? Is it an amicable relationship or strained?

Demetri: I’d hardly call it a relationship. His daughter wanted me as her pet, so he ripped out my throat, turned me and gave me to her. I gave him her heart while it was still warm once I got tired of her. I’d call our interactions strained for some reason.

Was there a time when having a normal life, growing old, having family, meant something?

Demetri: Yes, it meant growing old, getting sick, and dying. I can’t imagine why I didn’t want all that. *stands and smiles* Thank you so much for this fascinating conversation, stay off the streets later if you’d like to continue breathing.

And with the interview ended by our illustrious vampire, if you’d like to know more about him and his partner, check out their story. At the moment, if you purchase off the PUBLISHER site, you can get in on a great CONTEST!!

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Excerpt (non-adult for this blog):

A flicker of reddish blond hair caught her eye and her vampiric sight pierced the murky atmosphere, saw him smile at her from across the room. Already her body hummed with the knowledge that his hands would soon be on her skin, inciting a hunger that no one else could feed.

She brushed past the few who lingered near the top of the stairs, and skirted the metal bars that gave the place such a distinctive look. By the time she reached where he’d been, he’d vanished. Grinding her teeth, she whirled around and studied the crowd. Again, his pale presence drew her. One arched eyebrow rose in amused challenge.

“Your game is intriguing, love,” she whispered. He’d hear her despite the deafening music.

And which role do you prefer to play? Predator or prey? His answer whispered inside her head, and she grinned.

What does it matter? It always ends the same and I have never objected...

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  1. Oh, I love these answers. Obviously a man who is not to be trifled with. Of course you take what you want. Why wouldn't you? With your power, the world could (and should) be yours.
    (To Denyse' -- fascinating man)


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