Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hi! This one was brought to my attention by Media Consultant Joan Schulhafer, and it looks like one we will ALL want to read, so have a quick peek, and mark it on your "I need to get this book" list!!!!


I’m hoping you’ll be interested in telling your readers about Wendy Wax’s new book, THE ACCIDENTAL BESTSELLER, through a review, by interviewing her about her work or the travails of publishing, or in having her share her viewpoints and advice about getting—and staying—published.

Wendy has been through the publishing wringer a bit herself so she knows what many of the people who come to your site go through, either as aspiring writers or those tenuously navigating the occasional landmines of the profession. From her first efforts to be published to her latest book, Wendy’s enjoyed a roller coaster of a ride. Her editor left mid-contract, she changed houses and agents (which meant more time than she’d hoped between books), and now she’s dared to use big time publishing as a backdrop to her new novel, THE ACCIDENTAL BESTSELLER, coming out in June. Needless to say, she’s earned her stripes—and her successes.

In THE ACCIDENTAL BESTSELLER Wendy’s engaging, all-too-human characters—four friends who first met at a writers’ conference, struggled together to get their first books published and have supported each other ever since—face professional and personal challenges. Though not a roman a clef, Wendy does bring some of her own experiences along with anecdotes from other writers to her story of friendships, relationships and triumphs.


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  1. Sounds interesting... Just wondering if it is women's fiction, humor or????

  2. It's a women's fiction. We're taking Wendy's book on virtual book tour in June for Joan so if anyone would like to host her, please let me know because the spots will fill up fast for this one. I don't have my copy yet, but it looks like a great book! Email me at if you're interested in hosting her.


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