Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something special....

This is from my wonderful friend César Mesa's debut CD - it's fabulous!! Enjoy....


  1. I absolutely loved it!!!
    I have to have the lyrics.
    He's got such a warm voice.
    Denyse, you have exquisite taste in your men's singing!
    And then to put it with Orlando Bloom??

  2. Surfed to Giada's website. She has that tight vibrato/tremulo so reminiscent of Piaf. It worked beautifully when she sang Padam, Padam.

  3. And on to Matt Dusk's website.
    Very fun! Could easily see him doing Broadway. Very theatrical. Canadian, eh?

  4. And finally, Chris Riggins.
    Also very nice. Pretty head tone.
    And pretty head ;~D
    And the guys look pretty damn good, too!
    Oh, can I share one of my music men?
    Juan Diego Florez. Incredible opera tenor
    here's his link


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