Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Contest / Reminder


As some of you already know, the deadline for our "As Fate Decrees" giveaway is close at hand. You have just four more days to enter your name. Visit the video page, and answer these questions.

1. What is the name of the song playing in "As Fate Decrees"?
2. What is the name on the cardboard box in "The World is Too Small for Sarcasm Poem" in i-ROBOT video?

We have had a few people already answer, however we still encourage more to participate because there are still some copies of the book left to give away!

To enter your name, visit our website, watch the videos that are linked off of the main page, and fill out the newsletter form complete with your name, address and email so that we may contact you if you win. Be sure to state your answers in the comment field. We strive for privacy, and we will not sell your information, or give it away, to any third party companies. And don't forget to prepurchase your copy off of Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or through us - CLICK HERE - and take advantage of our free shipping in North America.

Amazon.ca (Canada)
EDGE (Publisher)

ISBN-10: 1-894063-41-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-894063-41-8
$15.95 US
272 pages

Thank you for your participation.

Justyn Perry, Marketing Manager
Box 1714,
Calgary, AB,
T2P 2L7, Canada
403-254-0160 (voice) /403-254-0456 (fax)
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing now includes Tesseract Books

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