Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Five-star review for SILENT DEATH

Available from: New Concepts Publishing
A "Love Bites" short story ($2.50)

Five Roses:

Adam Walker is a finely honed killing machine. As one of the Company’s finest field agents, he holds a closely guarded secret - Adam is in fact a ninja, one of the deadly race of Japanese mythical warriors. When his lover and friend, Kiku, is brutally killed, Adam seeks out his revenge in the deadliest fashion. If he is to keep his actions secret from the Company he must enlist the help of Shainna Barton, a fellow agent and the only person Adam truly trusts. While Adam dishes out his revenge, Shainna covers for him on a mission. What neither of them could predict is the depth of their friendship and where that friendship will lead them…

Silent Death is a mere eighteen pages in length, but those few pages had this reviewer riveted to the seat! Ms Bridger has an evocative style of writing that draws the reader into the story from the opening paragraph. I was shocked to see Adam loose someone so early in the story, but the relationship he has with Shainna is both touching and thrilling. If you are looking for an erotic respite, a brief read, a well thought out plot and intriguing characters, you would do well to dip into Silent Death.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Donna,
for A Romance Review

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